Sabor 100% Natural

Con Kuvings podrá disfrutar del sabor fresco de los ingredientes naturales hasta 3 días después de exprimir.


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More Flavor And More Intense

Acid, Salty, Umami, Sweet and Bitter, these are the 5 flavors that receptors on the tongue are able to perceive.
The combination of flavors is more intense and balanced with a vacuum blender vs a centrifugal blender.
And by extracting the air, the oxidation process of the vitamins is not favored.

Centrifugal blender


Our vacuum blender


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Healthy Technology

Vacuum technology prevents oxidation of food, obtaining maximum levels of vitamins and nutrients compared to our conventional centrifugal blender.

* Source: Korea Health Functional Food Research Institute (KHSI), TMR Center, Keimyung University of Korea.
* For a better understanding, the graph compares the maximum nutritional values (see MIN-MAX values).


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Nutritional analysis obtained with Slow Juicer Kuvings

Report-analysis on the nutritional performance of the Kuvings Juice Extractor.
Comparative results between a high speed juicer and a slow rotating Kuvings juicer.

Vitamin C - Tomatoes

- Slow-pressed juices contain 5.2 times more vitamin C than centrifugal juices.
- Oxidation is another reason for low vitamin C. When the juice is squeezed,
a lot of oxygen is formed, which in turn leads to rapid oxidation.

Flavonoid - Broccoli

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Dietary fiber - carrots

Slow-squeezed juice
contains the most fiber

Flavonoid - Traube

The juice extracted from the slow juice extractor has the highest content of flavonoids as a result of the juice extracted from grape skins and seeds.

The reason for drinking juices extracted using cold press technology is that in addition to detoxifying and cleansing the body, the metabolism absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins obtained.

With the juice extracted under these conditions, the body absorbs 65% of the nutrients in just 10 minutes. For comparison: if you eat the same ingredients raw, instead of drinking them, only 17% of the nutrients are absorbed, and this requires a digestion process of 2-3 hours.

After drinking a homemade natural juice extracted at a slow speed, one feels revitalized, full of energy as the cells absorb the vitamins more quickly.


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The juice from the Kuvings Extractor is better for digestion and absorption of nutrients

Cell nutrients are encased in solid cell walls.

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Cell nutrients flow into the sap.

Plant cell image (100x magnification)

Juice image (100x magnification)